1 Initial consultation

Our team at Sports Facility Solutions will meet with you and your representatives as a potential future client to discuss and establish your project objectives, ensure connection, initiate dialogue and gain a brief understanding of the proposed project before proceeding with proposals and contract of engagement. This initial meeting is always carried out free of charge to ensure that we are the right fit for your development project.

2 Project Assessment/Feasibility Study

This is the project inception phase, considering in more depth your requirements and the organisation, the appointment of a project team, a full scope of your project objectives and proposed timelines, together with establishing justification and strategic needs.

This stage usually includes a Feasibility Study looking at technical issues, any planning considerations, such as other required surveys and project programme. The requirements of this vary from project to project and may not always be required.

3 Develop Project Proposal/Outline Plans

Our team will assist you in producing a working document showing outline plans and a detailed project proposal which includes a review of elements such as schematic layouts, configuration and optional flow in order to optimise access and accommodate spatial requirements such as facility car parking.

4 Prepare Project Cost Estimates

Sports Facility Solutions will support you in obtaining project cost estimates from reliable contractor sources, to enable a detailed cost estimation for proposed works.

5 Produce a Business Development Plan

A business development plan can often be an overwhelming document to produce. With our experience we will help you through this process, ensuring vital information is included, such as your planned growth and the actions that will be required in order to achieve your clear and defined set of objectives.

Your business plan should be built on four main elements:

  1. Introduction, setting the scene and defining the opportunities within your community.
  2. The need, solutions, benefits and impact.
  3. Actions, timings, sustainability and budgets.
  4. Resolution, evaluation and monitoring.

6 Research and produce Fundraising Strategy Plan

The Fundraising Strategy Plan is a key element of evaluating the potential success of funding your project. Our experienced team at Sports Facility Solutions will firstly determine what level of financial support you will require. Is it grant aid, crowdfunding, a form of a loan package or a mixture?

Utilising our expertise, we will research a range of national, regional and local funding sources by matching the important criteria of your project and those of the funders.

This document is designed to be a good indicator of the potential for funding success.

7 Produce Architects Design for Planning Application

First and foremost, we will ensure you get the design right. The scheme design ascertains the final appearance of the facility and must be thorough and precise for planning purposes. We work with experienced and knowledgeable architects who have designed a multitude of different sporting facilities. As a team we will work together to ensure the best possible design for your project outcome is achieved.

8 Manage Planning Application

We are able to help prepare and manage the planning process should you wish us to. This includes choosing the correct procurement route which is vital in ensuring the successful delivery of your project.

9 Management of the Funding Application process

Investigating your funding options can often be a daunting process and to be successful, you will need more than a clear vision of your project or initiatives and the means to present an equally convincing case on paper. There are also many funding routes available that may not always be obvious or that have previously been considered. Sports Facility Solutions will present your project as a considered and rounded proposition with clarity to its purpose, methods, costs and benefits, ensuring your project stakeholders are kept fully informed during this process.

Journey to Your Funding

10 Project Management of Works

At this stage, our team will work closely with your project team, architect and, where necessary, a quantity surveyor to ensure the control and management of the construction phase.

There will be regular meetings to discuss progress and deal with any issues that may arise.

To do this effectively requires sound monitoring of the project plan, ensuring that progress reports are available and provided to stakeholders and that the project is delivered at the right time and on budget.

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