Community Projects

As the nation moves forward following a difficult few years for everyone, there is a real commitment from the Government and the Sporting bodies to support community projects in order to give people a real purpose in looking to the future.

Sports Facility Solutions Ltd (SFS) firmly believe that every creative business must always keep one eye on the future whilst servicing the present. Our core values are to improve opportunities for community-based organisations by increasing participation and supporting the development of outstanding facilities.

Overcoming Challenges

We understand and can help overcome the challenges of complex developments, whilst addressing the requirements to meet new regulations in order to achieve a sustainable and long-term future.

Our new services at SFS provide a turnkey approach together with a comprehensive range of individual specialist’s services ranging from; feasibility studies, architect designs and project management right through to grant aid and crowdfunding.

SFS will continue their mission to work closely with our clients to develop an intimate understanding of need, capacity and the requirements to deliver. We are excited about the future and what it will bring for both our existing and new clients.

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